Need a radio commercial?


My name is Darren Sethe.

  I have 40 years of experience in writing, producing and voicing radio and t.v. commercials. 

Why use me???

     If you buy advertising with a radio station, you will get their production services included in the cost.   What you will not get is honesty when it comes to the effectiveness of your commercial.

Here is what you will get from a radio station:

  • You can do whatever you want just as long as you sign the bottom line.
  • Want to write the copy yourself, but it's amateurish and/or ineffective?  No problem!  You will not be told!
  • Want to voice the commercial yourself or use a friend who has a "great radio voice"?  No problem, even if your voice is amateurish and diminishes the credibility of the professionalism of your business.  You will not be told.
  • A sales person who has little to no training in copy writing, will write your copy and fill it full of ineffective cliches such as "friendly knowledgeable staff".
  • An overworked production person who will add your job to the pile and knock it out as fast as possible.
  • If you advertise on more than one station or station cluster, you will have to use each radio station's production department.  All of your commercials will sound different and inconsistent.

     I will be honest with you.  If you think you or a friend has "a great radio voice", I will tell you if that is not so.   If you write the copy and it is amateurish and/or not as effective as it could be, I will say so.  

     If I produce your commercial, you own it and can use it on as many radio stations as you want, as much as you want.

     Of course you need to use radio stations to broadcast your commercials. They can really help you when it comes to how much and when to advertise.  But if you want something more than an "acceptable" commercial full of hackneyed cliches, then make your mouse go clicky on my email link.  

 Get some honesty.  Get an effective commercial.
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